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RFS - Real Flight Simulator Mod apk latest version free download

RFS - Real Flight Simulator v2.3.0 Mod APK [Mod money]

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App Info

Name RFS - Real Flight Simulator
Package Name it.rortos.realflightsimulator
Pubisher Rortos
Category Simulation
MOD feaures [Mod money]
Version 2.3.0
price FREE
Requires Android 5.1 (LOLLIPOP_MR1)

General information

*** Special discounted Price! ***

Experience the World of Aviation on Your Mobile Device!
Immerse yourself in the captivating world of aviation where cutting edge technology allows you to experience the thrill and challenges of piloting an aircraft from the comfort of your mobile device.

Fly Now, Anywhere in the World!
Learn to take off, land, and complete full flights. Explore iconic aircraft with 3D live cockpits, visit 30 HD airports, and take off and land from 500 SD airports. Personalize instruments, use automatic flight plans, and experience the finest detail worldwide. Try our tutorials to master your skills!

Manual/Tutorial: wiki.realflightsimulator.org/wiki

Do you want to unlock all Real Flight Simulator features? Choose the subscription that fits your needs between our monthly, six month or yearly subscription!

Then just Buckle Up and Become a Real Pilot! You will enjoy:

-50+ airplane models with detailed 3D cockpits, working parts, and lights. Experience real-life pilot systems and instruments. New models coming soon!
-300+ HD airports with 3D buildings, vehicles, taxiways, and procedures. More on the way!
-Real-time flights with real-time weather. 40k real-time flights daily and real-time traffic at major global airports.
-Detailed checklists for takeoff and landing to immerse yourself in the pilot's experience.
-Access various ground systems upon landing, including passenger vehicles, refueling, and emergency services.
-Customisation of flight's weather, failures and much more with the Advanced Flight Plan. Share your plan with colleagues for a connected experience.
-Autopilot activation for multitasking, and Automatic Landing System for long-haul flights.
-Realistic satellite terrains and precise height maps to explore the world.

Engage with a Global Community in Multiplayer Mode
-Join hundreds of other pilots and fly together in any part of the world.
-Chat with fellow multiplayer pilots, participate in weekly community events, and join virtual airlines to become the VA with the highest Flight Points.

ATC Mode: Become an Air Traffic Controller
-Air Traffic Control (ATC) game mode: Organize aircraft traffic, give instructions, and guide pilots to fly safely and efficiently.
-Enjoy interactive multi-voice ATC procedures and communications, and explore all the frequencies available in RFS.

Create and Share Your Aviation Passion
-Design your own airplane liveries and share them with players around the world.
-Model your favorite HD airport, and watch as other pilots take off from it.
-Become a plane spotter. Explore various in-game cameras to capture your favorite planes. Experience the romance of city lights as you soar through nighttime skies, and be captivated by the ethereal play of light and clouds during sunrise and sunset. Share your aviation masterpieces on our official social media channels.
-Join the growing Real Flight Simulator community, discover new flight routes, and interact with an ever-expanding group of aviation enthusiasts.

Internet Connection Required to provide the full scope of aviation experiences.

Get Ready to Soar the Skies.
Buckle up, get ready, and become a Real Pilot in RFS!

Support: rfs@rortos.com

RFS - Real Flight Simulator Mod apk latest version free download

Mod info

Mod V2.3.0 features

Mod V2.2.9 features

Mod V2.2.8 features

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Mod V2.2.7 features

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Mod V2.2.6 features

  • Free full version
    The new version has supported traditional Chinese!

Mod V2.2.5 features

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    The new version has supported traditional Chinese!

Mod V2.2.4 features

  • Unlocked Map/Skins

Mod V2.2.3 features

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    The new version has supported traditional Chinese!

Mod V2.2.1 features

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    The new version has supported traditional Chinese!

Mod V2.2.0 features

  • Unlocked paid downloads

While playing the game, take in the scenic views as you travel

For flying the PRO model, you need to have access to the ground and other pilots to use its controls. Although the controls are complex, they're easy to understand thanks to 14000LD. Start and end your journey at an airport of your choosing— then enjoy the sights as you travel through. RFS’s plan is to make its world as realistic as possible through their interface and controls. They also want to give the player complete control of every plane flight and landing. ATC controllers are always the most powerful support tool for RFS users to get their customized routes done in the most accurate way. These controllers let the player access airports that are advanced thanks to their perfect driver’s license.
RFS will let you talk on the plane and connect with other pilots. This is accomplished because ATC controllers are always available for use. ATC controllers give users more agency when using RFS’s tools, which makes the most sense if you consider that they have complete controll over all flights and landings.
With this in mind, RFS will continuously add more content to their world based on user progress. By doing this, they can give players access to more advanced airports that are specific to their licenses.
Travel the world in real time and run one specific mission by completing each stop on the route. You can also travel to any airports or points on the map and step on the earth there.

RFS - Real Flight Simulator Mod apk latest version free download

Playing with other pilots in a multiplayer mode adds an extra layer of excitement.

RFS Frontier Skies includes contracts that change based on where the player is stationed. This means players have options to choose from when it comes to completing their contracts. Additionally, Player interactions have a big impact on the overall system. These systems can take weeks to master through multiple training sessions. Best of all, RFS Frontier Skies doesn't just include commercial planes; it features many distinct variants and types of aircraft. RFS Frontier Skies also has a multiplayer mode that needs to be set at level three for the planes to run on the runway and take off.

RFS - Real Flight Simulator Mod apk latest version free download

In this game, every aspect of commercial airline piloting is represented in realistic detail and color.

RFS is an extremely expensive model for collection ownership; it takes extra work to obtain one. RFS was created by RORTOS, which has a million downloads. RFS gives passengers an accurate simulation of airline life. It features 40,000 flights each day and allows for more in-depth planning of flight routes. When starting out, don’t stress about operating such a large vehicle. Everything a commercial pilot does is included in RFS. Work in a private space can travel anywhere in the world. This is a special game that may provide many memorable flights for you. You can fly lots of different planes. The graphics in this game are great and in 3D. The game is also well-designed in other ways, such as the graphics used for 3D objects. It's also true that the game can be boring because there are no standards or rules to follow. In addition, RFS Real Flight Simulator allows users to learn about air traffic procedures and rules because of its advanced controls and airplane flight simulators.

RFS - Real Flight Simulator Mod apk latest version free download

You can depart whenever you like without restriction.

Creating realistic weather effects was part of RORTOS’s design crew. This resulted in a section that can be explored separately from the rest of the ride because it includes many interesting elements. When setting up this ride, there’s no need to worry about any issues — the controls are user-friendly and have many options. By using Real Flight Simulator, some people can create a flight simulation that feels like they are flying in the air but with realistic elements. This is because Real Flight Simulator provides users with the option to schedule and take off wherever they want. It has great gameplay that’ll make any bored person tired. The world is full of satellites that provide extreme accuracy and precise landscapes. Additionally, pilots can meet new people and talk to them thanks to the Chat & Get to Know feature.

Accurate and realistic 3D buildings add a lot more fun to in-game experiences.

All Android players in RFS – Real Flight Simulator have access to a functional airport with realistic in-game elements. This airport features satellite imagery that makes intuitive use of taxiways, harbors and departure and arrival zones. Additionally, it features in-game elements like planes picking up passengers or taxis taking passengers to their destination. With their accurate and realistic 3D designs, RFS Real Flight Sim buildings satisfy your thirst for knowledge. They also refocus your curiosity on other subjects after learning about real flight. Whether you play as a pilot or not, this educational game will give you endless enjoyment.lator is the closest thing to flying you can do these days. Here, you can fly a plane with advanced controls. Everything from the flight plan to the complex controls – you have access! Fly tons of different planes now.
The special thing is that the console will change based on the player’s perspective, and the game will have first-person, third-person, and overview. Each viewing angle has its effect, and the first-person perspective will give players the most vivid feeling when all furniture or control panels are fully displayed.
A specific plan will have many options to help you choose and edit the flight schedule. You can arrange the date and time properly. The plans correspond to different functions. The most interesting thing is that you will work for V-SPEEDS, knowing how to use the appropriate fuel for passengers, cargo, and fuel. The most important thing is to choose the weather; there are many different scenes, from rain, storm, snow to temperature and durability, etc.

There are three resolution systems you can choose from to suit your flight situation

To prepare for your next flights, gamers in RFS – Real Flight Simulator are allowed to freely check their planes and select multiple customizations. Start by using the Advanced Multi Panel System to make changes to your plane instruments and gauges. Moreover, you can also perform certain checks on the planes to make sure that it’s working properly. From investigating the working parts and lights to checking the controllers in your 3D cockpits. That’s said, it’s even possible for gamers to have their own liveries on each plane, which is absolutely incredible.
To make this game even more fun, you can play with a lot of other pilots! Here, you can communicate with other pilots and coordinate together. This is fun because these are real players worldwide! Anything is possible with this feature so you can enjoy the game to the fullest.
The main source of income for players in this game is high-value contracts. Still, players need to have many certifications before accepting contracts, including license level, skill capabilities, and expertise in individual aircraft types. The contract system in the game will also be continuously expanded, even with many working directions for players to enjoy privileged resources for professional pilots. Best of all, the contracts will constantly change based on the airport the player is stationary at, giving them a variety of options to get around, including resupply, customization, and interaction with a wide variety of planes.
There are three resolution systems you can choose from to suit your flight situation. With 35HD, the 3D buildings you see will be lifelike, and due to the high-resolution image, it is easy to reach and access the 500 SD, runways, building, and departure procedures. Finally, with 14000LD, this is only for PRO models with ground traffic and access processes. Only PRO has the ATC multi-voice communication and communication facilities to be able to work and interact with customers enthusiastically. There are also many precise terrains and extreme sharpness thanks to satellites around the world. The satellite data will be connected online to your data system so that information can be multiplied and updated quickly, easily, and conveniently.


How to install RFS - Real Flight Simulator Mod apk

You have two choices, the first one click the download button, choose the version you wanted about RFS - Real Flight Simulator mod apk. Allow Chrome to install unknown apps by going to Settings > Apps > Menu > Special access > Install unknown apps. Install a file manager (such as Cx File Explorer or File Manager) so that you can find the APK file after you download it to your phone. Download an APK file and open it to install it. The second one, download HappyMod app, then download and install RFS - Real Flight Simulator mod apk with one click.

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HappyMod is a store of app and game mods apk, you can eaily search, download and install almost all the hot apps. How to allow unknown apps on Android? Before you can download APK files using Chrome or any other browser, you must first allow unknown apps: 1.Go to your device settings and tap Apps & Notifications (or Apps in older versions of Android). 2.Tap the three dots in the upper-right corner. 3.Tap Special access. 4.Tap Install unknown apps. 5.Tap Chrome (or whichever web browser you use) 6.Move Allow from this source to the On position.

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1.Open your browser and download the HappyMod APK file from happymod.com. 2.Open Android Settings and go into Privacy or Security. 3.Tap the option to Allow Unknown Sources and enable it. 4.Go to your Android downloads and tap the APK file. 5.Follow the directions on the screen to install it.

Is HappyMod a safe app?

Yes. All Apps in the HappyMod are safe for your Android device to download. Why some MOD APK is not working? Mod apk is a modified apk of the original, it may not compatible with all devices, so some device must can not use it. You may find the same mod, some users work well, but someone can not run it.

Why i can't install the mod apk?

Firstly you need ensure that you have uninstalled the original one of the app or game, then you may run the mod apk.

Can I download mod apk on iOS?

No, HappyMod is developed for Android only, all the ios version of HappyMod on the internet are fake.