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Hungry Shark Evolution Mod apk latest version free download

Hungry Shark Evolution v10.0.0 Mod APK Unlimited money

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App Info

Name Hungry Shark Evolution
Package Name com.fgol.HungrySharkEvolution
Pubisher Ubisoft Entertainment
Category Arcade
MOD feaures Unlimited money
Version 10.0.0
price FREE
Requires Android 4.4 (KITKAT)

General information

We're the Official game for Shark Week - Welcome to Hungry Shark Evolution, a shark evolution survival game with a lot of action in the ocean and even more fish. Are you ready to become a predator in this free offline mobile game? Explore the underwater world of sharks and evolve sharks.

Take control of a very Hungry Shark with mighty jaws and survive as long as possible by eating everything and everyone in your way! It only counts if you feed and grow your shark. Dive into this shark game, where you will meet the shark that was merged with a T-Rex. Explore the underwater world and evolve sharks like the Great White and Megalodon! Feed and attack with your sea monster!

Become an eater! How does it work? Evolve until you are the greatest predator of the ocean. It's all about feeding your shark: Eat all kinds of fish, whales, and birds in one of the sharkiest offline games for free that is out there. Benefit from evolution, starting with the dinosaurs, and be known as the frenzy man-eater in this shark simulator game!

A baby shark will help you survive! Make it evolve to unleash all of its powers and merge different types of sharks together. Game on! The open world full of fish is less lonely with a helper by your side. And don't forget to eat! By the way, you can also play offline.

Playing mobile games is a lot of fun, but being a shark is a hard job. It's all about survival. You're a predator, but you'll need a boost from evolution to help you dive to the bottom of the ocean. Be careful! You might be a man-eater, but it's not all fish down there: The meg might be hanging around.

Your travels can make you hungry, but you'll find enough people in the sinking ships to evolve. You're a man-eater! Bite - don't be idle. Who knows what you'll find in the sea! An evolution boost? New baby sharks? A water dragon? A fishing island? Explore the underwater animals, concentrate on feeding your shark, and enjoy the beauty of non-Wi-Fi games! Take a bite of this shark game and join the evolution legends.

Do you like free offline games, games without Wi-Fi, and shark attack? Navigate the waters diving with the hungry shark. It doesn't matter if you're offline while playing. Play without Wi-Fi in this shark simulator game!

In this shark evolution simulator adventure:
• More than a dozen unique fish, sharks, baby sharks, and other creatures to evolve.
• Discover and devour wild animals from the deep with your shark.
• Recruit Baby Sharks and grow them to boost your predatory powers.
• Equip yourself with awesome accessories like Lasers, Jetpacks, and Top Hats!
• The open world offers you tons of bonus objects: online or offline!
• Feed your sharks in this simulator game without Wi-Fi.
• Activate Gold Rush to survive longer and score more points.
• The open world offers you regular in-game events: Feed your hunger and win limited prizes!
• Attack and eat with intuitive touch or tilt controls.
• Play offline wherever you are – no Wi-Fi connection needed!
• Become an angry man-eater and evolve to unleash your power.

Many adventures are waiting for you: survival in the ocean, exploring the underwater world, fishing, and much more. This is your best offline game: Play without needing to be connected to the Internet!

This game contains In-App Purchases that allow you to buy Gem and Coin currency that can be spent on upgrades. You can also earn Gem and Coin currency in the game without requiring a purchase or by watching video ads from the Treasure screen. The ad is disabled if you make a purchase and it is playable without Wi-Fi. It's also an offline game.

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Hungry Shark Evolution Mod apk latest version free download

Mod info

Mod V10.0.0 features

  • MOD, Coins/Gems

Mod V9.9.10 features

  • MOD, Coins/Gems

Mod V9.9.6 features

  • MOD, Coins/Gems

Mod V9.9.0 features

  • MOD, Coins/Gems

Mod V9.8.0 features

  • MOD, Coins/Gems

Mod V9.7.0 features

  • MOD, Coins/Gems

Mod V9.6.10 features

  • [Cracking instructions] Gold coins and diamonds modify to 100100100! The game can set the Chinese-main interface-the bottom left gear setting -options-layUage Select-select Chinese!

Mod V9.6.4 features

  • [Cracking instructions] Gold coins and diamonds modify to 100100100! [Note] The game can set the Chinese-main interface-the bottom left gear settings -OPTIONS-LANGUAGE Select-Select Chinese!

Mod V9.6.0 features

  • [Cracking instructions] Gold coins and diamonds modify to 100100100! [Note] The game can set the Chinese-main interface-the bottom left gear settings -OPTIONS-LANGUAGE Select-Select Chinese!

Mod V9.5.0 features

  • Modify a large amount of currency, built -in cheating device: 1. Invincible; 2, one hit must be killed; 3, unlimited gold rush heat; 4, unlimited physical strength; [Note] Please be awarded the authority of the application of suspension windows, otherwise you cannot use cheating functions or flashbacks! The cheating function must be turned on before entering the level, and the switching in the game may be invalid!

Avoid larger fish since you may become their meal.

A strange creature lives in the depths of the ocean. When you become the highest level in the game, it's essential to remain wary of certain things that shouldn't be touched. Excellent sound quality makes the game enjoyable. Additionally, it's imperative to maintain control when not handling dangerous creatures or approaching larger fish. Doing so can lead to being eaten by someone. To avoid collision with other divers or reaching the largest fish, the ocean’s strangest creature, you should always stay aware of your level. The sound production is very high-quality and enjoyable. Purchase additional baby sharks to increase your destructive power. You can buy gems or use coins via special in-game events to supplement your gameplay. Additionally, be wary of larger sharks who may have different ideas in mind. The best part of this game is that it can be played without mobile data or WiFi connectivity. You can control the hungry shark with a virtual button and use it to capture prey. This is one of many notable features this game has that make it a great alternative to regular mobile games.
Best of all, Hungry Shark Evolution can be played without requiring internet connection or mobile data. Enjoy the game's outstanding graphics and sounds with no limitations. Zooba ApkAdventure Into the Ocean With Hungry Shark Evolution!
One of the best parts about playing Hungry Shark Evolution is that you don't need an internet connection or a mobile device with data to play it. Control the shark with a virtual button and hunt down prey using unique abilities. Mini World Block Art ApkMinecraft APK Sonic Forces Apk ZOOBA APK Adventure into the ocean with Hungry Shark Evolution!
The hungry shark’s journey goes from the deep sea to the upper layers of the sea—and even destroys ships above the sea. Save Some of our best tips for playing Hungry Shark Evolution app is listed below. The game has been available for both Android and iOS operating systems for a long time. It's also part of the world gaming market. Hungry Shark Evolution gameplay is similar to two other Ubisoft games — Hungry Dragon and Hungry Shark World. To increase your hunting speed and cleanliness, collect baby sharks in a school. The game’s beauty lies in its unpredictable madness; surprise the submarine with an ambush.

Hungry Shark Evolution Mod apk latest version free download

In the right corner of the screen, observe the blue bar.

Download this game on your phone now, since the sea is waiting for you to explore. You don’t just focus on finding smaller creatures that turn them into menus during meals; instead, you can operate using the controls directly on the touch screen or choose movement mode by tilting your phone. This statement is more and more true for a king like you. Phone functionality is necessary for the game to run. The Megalodon is the best fish to eat. When another finger touches the phone's screen, it accelerates the player's speed, which allows them to eat more fish. Throughout the game, players need to keep an eye out for the blue bar in the lower right corner of the screen. This is the HP meter and it indicates how much health players have left. Additionally, ancient creatures like Great White or Megalodon can be found in the game. The store’s costumes stand out because they allow customers to project their creativity. In order to satisfy your shark’s hunger, you must provide him with Baby Sharks as pets.

Hungry Shark Evolution Mod apk latest version free download

As the ocean’s top predator, evolve your shark to impress with his power.

Many people grew up with the game Hungry Shark Evolution. The rules in the game are similar to Feeding Frenzy; both games likely have a connection to their childhoods. There are additional types of fish, as well as unique abilities such as Electro Shark that discharge electricity to numb its prey. Iced Shark can freeze an entire sea area, while Robot Shark can fire torpedo from its mouth. Additionally, gold rush gives you super strength; no one can control when you hunt anymore. The baby sharks in the game Deep Ocean give you side quests. These quests help you find new ways to use your beast. Doing this unlocks new areas in the game's world under the sea. You have to stay alive in this game as long as possible. The Hungry Shark Evolution website doesn’t require internet connectivity to play. In fact, it can even be played offline. Fish are food and shark sizes matter; the larger species is better in every way and provides more points and money. Don’t underestimate the game because of its high quality; it’s worth playing because of that. To help your shark grow up fast, you need to use this item only. When your shark evolves, it becomes the ocean's top predator. Doing so grants it the ability to block all swimming and walking organisms in its way as it chases down any that remain. Additionally, there are tips that can help you stay alive long enough to achieve your goal.

Hungry Shark Evolution Mod apk latest version free download

Increase the shark's abilities such as speed, acceleration and bite.

Unlocking sharks grants players the opportunity to upgrade their skills. These include acceleration, speed and how long they can hold their breath. Additionally, upgrading these skills allows them to better combat torpedo-spitting sharks, jellyshark stings and other blood-loss effects. That said, taking care of torpedoes in the water, avoiding jellyfish stings or avoiding stingray attacks is more important than it may seem. While purchasing any sharks in-game requires gems, you can buy a baby reef shark with in-game coins. This is the only shark that doesn’t require gems to purchase. Download it now.ke the initiative, hunt and eat arbitrary meat. You can easily play this game without having internet anytime anywhere. Scenes previously only seen in movies are now brought to life in your adventure. Collect a squad of sharks of all genres, your ocean sweep will be colorful, and you will become the terror of the vast ocean. They will clean up the food around you that you missed. Of course, upgrading the shark also requires money.
These species are designed based on both real-life elements and the combination with human imagination. The extinct legendary Megalodon has long had a chance to return to dominate the sea again. You can easily swallow a creature here, but it’s not hard to be someone else’s meal. The battle of survival has never been simple but Hungry Shark Evolution MOD will help you quite a lot. Everything. They’re capable of killing you if you get too close to them.
During the Gold Rush, players will not be limited to speeding up, becoming immortal for a few seconds and turning everything into coins (ie you can eat everything including those bigger than you).In addition to playing offline without an internet connection, Hungry Shark Evolution also syncs on the Android operating system. Download Hungry Shark Evolution MODDED apk please conquer the sea with many types of fish rich in the ocean. This game will maintain your interest and will kill your boredom. It is really worth the experience.

Play as a cannibal shark and fellow in this game

When you eat big enough to go up to a high level, it is time to get up close to the water to confirm who is the king of the ocean.When you reach 500000 points in Hungry Shark Evolution, you can unlock new seas with many really scary sharks. Can mention Hungry Dragon, Hungry Shark World in the game, you incarnate into the character Dragon.Hungry Shark Evolution – Offline survival is designed offline. However, when there is wifi, you can do some more tasks and watch ads to get more coins and gems. You can purchase items for other sharks to make them immune to mines and jellyfish, but the epic Megalodon is the only shark that naturally tops them.
In a diverse animal world, each animal is divided into different types of appearance, size or away hunting.When you understand yourself and your opponent, you can win any battle. Ubisoft is a familiar publisher with such a story. Please take note. To destroy a submarine, you just need to charge head on into the front of it. Unlock it and you’re set for the game.
10 is the maximum level.Things look real in this game because of 3D high resolution graphics. Control your ferocious hungry shark and eat everything on its way. It is also provided with a rocket set to sweep across the vast universe on some special levels. You control a shark – or an entire squadron of sharks – and you go on a mission to eat up everything in sight.
(For players who prefer a simplified version)V2: Unlimited money combined with Menu MOD many features you can choose from below.Hungry Shark Evolution MOD is the game for you to play as a cannibal shark and fellow. The vast ocean will have no room for weakness and benevolence.A lot of sharks in the old version are edited and improved in strength.Munch more to get more points and watch out for mines and people trying their best to kill you. While this might sound like suicide – and it really can deal out a huge amount of damage to you – it’s the only way you’ll defeat them.

Help your shark do the most thorough sweep to servival

Do you want to become a fear of the sea or not? However, first of all, players need to practice at the game screen to do that. If you can’t help your shark do the most thorough sweep, it will starve and die. Although quite difficult, you must fight them to continue the adventure. Grow your sharks by feeding them a lot.This is a very special game.
Under the sea, not only is your shark starving but be mindful of this. You can also participate in regular game events and win to get limited edition rewards for you shark.Eat, eat and eat.How to beat submarines: Submarines are your most formidable enemy in the game.Want to play the game with an ace up your sleeve? Download the unlimited money and Crystal mod APK to be able to unlock bonus items and new sharks way easier.
The first shark you train is Reef Shark with a modest size, which in turn becomes bigger and bigger as Mako Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Tiger Shark, and Great White Shark. Doing the task will help you get more features in the game and get a lot more coins.Hungry Shark Evolution is very famous arcade game on both Apple and Google play store. This game has some very cool features which make this game more interesting. Not only in the power, they also make the game so cute.

Hungry Shark Evolution is an offline survival game for player to enjoy relaxing moments

In the process of feeding, try to collect as many clamshells located on the cliffs. There are no special notes. In this game you play as a wild shark which means this game has so much fun for you. It is really a mysterious and fascinating adventure under the ocean, and you can even encounter ancient sea creatures. However, this is just a game, so don’t worry. Sharks, fish, boats, and basically anything else that finds itself in the water is fair game in this aquatic genocide.
Besides, players need to observe the larger fish around him. Each shark contains its own distinctive features, so choose accordingly.Enjoy relaxing moments with Hungry Shark Evolution – An offline survival game, you will be like being dropped into the real deep-sea thanks to the extremely realistic 3D graphics of the game. They swim around with you and help you to eat more stuff. Of course, they cost money – most of them cost gems, with a baby Mako shark being as little as 20 gems and a baby Megalodon being 900 gems.
Each currency has its own effect, and owning a large amount of money from the beginning will help you easily upgrade many cool things in this game. Note that the Hungry Shark Evoution MOD full money is only supported on Android, not for iOS or other operating systems. While hungry, many times your shark will need a large amount of food. Take control of a hungry beast and you have to be very careful because your shark will eat everything. Eat everyone. You probably guessed this already, but yes, to confirm, the Megalodon is the best shark in the game and is capable of eating mines, boats, and jellyfish without taking any damage.
V1: Unlimited money. Explore new mysterious monsters in Deep Ocean like new ocean species, blue Whales and more. If you want new creatures then you have to complete your mission to unlock new and exciting creatures and become a pro player of this game. Your job is to move the money shark forward, eat everything you see on the road, sometimes you even have to attack the fishermen’s boats. However, to play in this mode, you must have a comfortable sitting position and limit lying down..


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You have two choices, the first one click the download button, choose the version you wanted about Hungry Shark Evolution mod apk. Allow Chrome to install unknown apps by going to Settings > Apps > Menu > Special access > Install unknown apps. Install a file manager (such as Cx File Explorer or File Manager) so that you can find the APK file after you download it to your phone. Download an APK file and open it to install it. The second one, download HappyMod app, then download and install Hungry Shark Evolution mod apk with one click.

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