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Grand Truck Simulator 2 Mod apk latest version free download

Grand Truck Simulator 2 v1.0.343 Mod APK Unlimited money

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App Info

Name Grand Truck Simulator 2
Package Name com.Pulsar.GrandTruckSimulator2
Pubisher Pulsar Gamesoft
Category Simulation
MOD feaures Unlimited money
Version 1.0.343
price FREE
Requires Android 5.1 (LOLLIPOP_MR1)

General information


The second edition of Grand Truck Simulator saga brings a new concept in mobile logistics simulation.

Now more than ever you must take care of your fleet of vehicles.

A new physics with realistic consumption, damage, and wear will test all your driving and management skills.

Checking tire pressure, coolant and lubricant levels, buying used trucks, changing engines, gearboxes, differentials, tires, and rims are some of the new features that GTS 2 offers to us.

New maps and an improved weather system provide a fascinating gaming experience.

New features will be added in the next updates.


Grand Truck Simulator 2 Mod apk latest version free download

Mod info

Mod V1.0.343 features

  • Remove annoying interstitial ads
    Grand Truck Simulator 2 Skin Mods Inside
    1.Provide a large number of car skin mods for you to play,Click the playmods floating window to download and experience.
    2.Unlimited Money.

Mod V1.0.333 features

  • MOD, Unlimited Money

Mod V1.0.32 features

  • Unlimited money (Don't decrease when spent)

Mod V1.0.30 features

  • Modifying using enough banknotes (vehicle can be forced) and XP does not reduce it! July 6 9:05, 2021, increased modification: Use money to get a lot of money and diamonds, diamonds need to switch the scene screen to refresh the value

Mod V1.0.29 features

  • Modifying using enough banknotes (vehicle can be forced) and XP does not reduce it!

Mod V1.0.28 features

  • Use enough money to modify (the vehicle can be forced to purchase) and XP diminished but increased!

Mod V1.0.27 features

  • Mod Money

Mod V1.0.26 features

  • Use enough money to modify (the vehicle can be forced to purchase) and XP diminished but increased!

Mod V1.0.25 features

  • Mod Money

Mod V1.0.24 features

  • Use enough money and modify XP diminished but increased!

A first-hand look at the most realistic and yet ultimate trucking game available.

In order to monitor your car's fuel consumption and quality levels, we provide you with tools to check tire temperature. This helps you stay on top of maintenance tasks. Plus, frequent visits to your garage help you manage your vehicle more quickly. Consequently, these tasks become increasingly popular with people looking for fun. The extremely popular Grand Truck Simulator 2 was developed by Pulsar Gamesoft. It's a truck-themed simulation game with highly accurate graphics, gameplay and locations. Players can choose to drive as a regular trucker or boss of a transportation company. Grand Truck Simulator 2's predecessor version had additional improvements to the gameplay, graphics and locations.

Grand Truck Simulator 2 Mod apk latest version free download

You need to complete missions and lessons to earn rewards.

In order to fully appreciate the experience of being a truck driver, you need to use your mirrors while playing this game. Additionally, you must hire experienced drivers who work for you. This game has the best graphics among simulator games, and it’s also the most popular. You can exit your vehicle from this location; work to build a lasting monument in the shipping industry through game play. Grand Truck Simulator 2 was developed by Pulsar Gamesoft. You complete lessons and missions to earn rewards. Additionally, freedom of movement extends to your steering wheel, pedals, horns, headlights, turn signals, and more. No career path is available for this game. With this version, the game creator added many new features. These include dash cams, GPS trackers and GPS screens in cars. They also added new gearshift paddles, lights, brakes and steering wheels. . Additionally, the creator added new controls that are more realistic and responsive than previous versions.

Grand Truck Simulator 2 Mod apk latest version free download

Grand Truck Simulator 2 is a realistic driving game that offers a great experience.

You should maintain your wheels, tires, gearboxes and coolers to be a successful truck driver. You’ll first learn through lessons before moving on to advanced topics. The Grand Truck Simulator 2 simulation game is realistic and optimized for all Android devices and tablets. It features a huge map that can be freely explored, increasing the feeling of authenticity when playing the simulation game. Unlike other truck driving simulation games, this one is quite true to life. You can choose different trucks and play them easily. You can leave your truck behind and explore anywhere you want. This video game gives you the option to drive different Boonex trucks.

Grand Truck Simulator 2 Mod apk latest version free download

In this game, different types of trucks perform specific tasks.

There are many different kinds of trucks with different purposes— some for transporting and some for farming. As you use them, the money earned increases. You can experience every type of transportation by playing this game. You can also customize cars by repairing their wheels, brakes and engine. This will cause them to wear down and become damaged inside. This will enable you to go wherever you want.

The game’s realistic graphics and description make it seem more lifelike.

The game's message is conveyed through your personal experience when you draw it. Purchasing premium currencies is initially necessary to access certain parts and vehicles in the game. Subsequently, purchasing additional parts and vehicles is necessary for constructing a successful transportation company.
Although this is initially available only in the form of normal trucks, drawing the game's message allows players to access the next component of their transportation company: passenger cars. As the oil and pressure decrease in the engine due to continued use while driving, the GPS system is easily accessible. Google Play Store hosts over a hundred thousand downloads of this game. This provides you with access to many different types of trucks. The sounds of trucks and the visual appearance of the game make it appear more like a real life situation. Also, the weather effects in the game are a significant component.

Get to your destination quickly and safely by employing all of your talents.

Having to manage the bulky cargo trucks proves difficult— especially for anyone p.ayers who do not have much experience in driving. It is similar to driving a car in real life. Use all your skills to drive to your destination quickly and safely.
When participating in the game, you will be provided with a great basic truck for yourself like other games, and your job will be to take care of and maintain it properly for your fleet. Once you have a lot of experience, you can get bigger trucks and improve their performance. Those trucks were all completely new designs with very skilled parts to show compound movements. Even though those trucks are based on actual models, you can still customize them however you want. It will be a companion throughout the process of playing Grand Truck Simulator 2. Moreover, the cargo trucks will have to cross dangerous roads with difficult terrain. Therefore, focus on your favorite car. This time, you will have to drive the giant car on the highways and have that repair and maintenance.
Grand Truck Simulator 2 is a popular simulation game developed by Pulsar Gamesoft. In this game, you get to drive different types of trucks. But this isn’t your normal driving game, you’ll have tons of controls in here. There’s the stirring wheel, stick shift, brake and acceleration pedals, horns and more! You also need to use your mirrors in here so you get to experience what it’s like to be a truck driver! Read on to learn more.

This game will bring many special features for all players to experience

The garage of Grand Truck Simulator 2 has a diverse collection of trucks, from famous American brands. There, you can freely choose the model that suits you best. Grand Truck Simulator 2 game brings many special features for all players to experience. In fact, the game has all the possibilities that allow you to open up road maps, use GPS signals and check your vehicle always to keep it in perfect condition. In addition, you can check the tire pressure, coolant level and lubricate the car to prevent it from drying out. New maps and weather systems are always improved to give players the best experience while playing. For a custom theme, you can create your own and share it with other players. Almost all the features of the game are constantly updated and add more details and upgrade holes. Currently, the game has added support for Android 11 devices to help players experience a smoother game. Vans like semi-refrigerated and Mercedes Gens LS 1518 have also been added. Moreover, the money you get from completing quests can be used to upgrade your car to become more class or buy additional tools for the remodel.
This game offers the most immersive and realistic truck driving experience you’ll ever have on a mobile game! Everything that you’ll see on a real truck is present in here. You can drive trucks, go to the gas stations, hook trailers, and more! In here, you can also get out of your truck if you so choose. This allows you to get anywhere you want.


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You have two choices, the first one click the download button, choose the version you wanted about Grand Truck Simulator 2 mod apk. Allow Chrome to install unknown apps by going to Settings > Apps > Menu > Special access > Install unknown apps. Install a file manager (such as Cx File Explorer or File Manager) so that you can find the APK file after you download it to your phone. Download an APK file and open it to install it. The second one, download HappyMod app, then download and install Grand Truck Simulator 2 mod apk with one click.

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Can I download mod apk on iOS?

No, HappyMod is developed for Android only, all the ios version of HappyMod on the internet are fake.