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Getting Over It v2.0.3 Mod APK [Mod money]

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App Info

Name Getting Over It
Package Name com.noodlecake.gettingoverit
Pubisher Noodlecake Studios Inc
Category Simulation
MOD feaures [Mod money]
Version 2.0.3
price FREE
Requires Android 5.0 (LOLLIPOP)

General information

A game I made
For a certain kind of person

To hurt them.

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is a punishing climbing game, a homage to Jazzuo's 2002 B-Game classic 'Sexy Hiking'. You move the hammer with the mouse, and that's all there is. With practice, you'll be able to jump, swing, climb and fly. Great mysteries and a wonderful reward await the master hikers who reach the top of the mountain.

To quote Jazzuo himself: "The hiking action is very similar to way you would do it in real life, remember that and you will do well".

• Climb up an enormous mountain with nothing but a hammer and a pot.
• Listen as I make philosophical observations about the problem at hand.
• Between 2 and ∞ hours of agonizing gameplay, depending. The median time to finish for my playtesters was 5 hours, but the mean was closer to ∞.
• Lose all your progress, over and over.
• Feel new types of frustration you didn't know you were capable of.

Getting Over It Mod apk latest version free download

Mod info

Mod V2.0.3 features

  • No

Mod V1.9.4 features

  • It is free and 100% working
    (the play store pop up won't show)

Mod V1.9.3 features

  • full version

Mod V1.9.2 features

  • Full Version + Hacked
    In This Mod I Give You Full Version And Hacked You Can Hack Size Of Player, Gravity, Amount Of Player And Speed Of Hammer

Mod V1.9.0 features

  • Free buy full version

Mod V1.8.10 features

  • Free buy full version

Mod V1.8.8 features

  • To unlock the full version.

The game runs smoothly due to thorough optimization.

When you first download the game, you can play it for free without having to pay any money. However, there are in-game purchases that you can make with real money. Some people think that this complicates things, when in fact it doesn’t. The background music is amazing and is a big part of what makes the game enjoyable. It is now available on mobile platforms as well. The game’s difficulty is very real; it will frustrate players.
This game uses real world physics, which makes it incredibly hard to play. A dog once ate a school assignment given to it the night before it was due. Its controls are very innovative and easy to understand. Additionally, the graphics are incredibly optimized so the game runs smoothly.

Getting Over It Mod apk latest version free download

Improving my skills and reflexes allows me to achieve better results in the game.

The controls are easy to understand and operate, and the game can be downloaded for free. The sound effects and visual effects add to the drama of the game, increasing its appeal to players. A difficult game has many different reasons why it's challenging. The reason why a game is difficult is usually due to the difficulty of the controls, the graphics, or other factors. Considering how unique the gameplay is, would you still take on the challenge? We can all agree that Getting Over It isn’t for the faint of heart. There must be some reason this game proves challenging to finish. It was PewDiePie, the most popular YouTuber on the planet, who turned things around. By training his reflexes and mobility skills, he managed to outdo his previous scores. This game is frustrating because it’s optimized to play on low-end devices. If you enjoy challenging games, prepare for an amazing one with no saving option. You’ll lose your progress when this happens.

Getting Over It Mod apk latest version free download

Getting Over It features many different types of terrain.

This game's muddy difficulty is due to its steep cliffs and hazardous obstacles. Anyone can purchase or download it for free via the links below. We now discuss the main features of this game. Working with physics, players must endeavor to escape their misery. They must also scale huge mountains with just a hammer in hand. This climb game is free to play and challenging. The rocks rise above your character, who’s imprisoned in a pot with a hammer. As you can see, Diogenes is designed to appear nude and enclosed in a black jar. This game was designed with practice mode in mind— players can practice their skills before starting the level over from the beginning. The control system’s efficiency as a gaming aid is unusually high. No annoying ads will interfere with your gameplay. Rebooting the climbing process will require starting over from the beginning. When players frequently fail, they shouldn’t become despondent. Instead, they should use their intelligence to create a new game plan. In the game The Witness, only hammers can help players traverse certain terrains. Expert players can finish the game in a short timeframe if they have good skills. And in mountain ranges that pose a high risk of death, they must confront the odds and win. It takes smarts to succeed in this game. And, to help players regain footing on the mountain, an assist feature is included that makes climbing easier. People with less aptitude may not appreciate this game's genius. Instead, they should seek out a more challenging title. This one's a true challenge that tests the player's limits both mentally and physically.

Getting Over It Mod apk latest version free download

Climbing to the summit of the mountain requires many hours.

Getting Over It was originally released on PC and smartphone platforms. Its name wasn't well-known among gamers at first; instead, its title is considered to be humorous and challenging. This game is one of many adventure simulation games currently on the market. Several players have filmed their in-game suffering and shared it on social media for everyone to see. The mountain top is the end goal of a climbing game. However, it's a very long journey and will ultimately cause players to give up. Although reaching the top will take a very long time, players who make it will be much happier with their accomplishment than someone who never did. Getting Over big hammer is a difficult challenge; therefore, completing it brings with it a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. This is a game that can keep you hooked for hours if you’re not careful. Champion the world thanks to mystical rewards that only the most elite and powerful can earn.g simulation game that will challenge you to the core.
Besides the humor, the gameplay of Getting Over It also brings inhibition as Flappy Bird. Simply install this game in your device and start playing the game without watching any ad. That made it even harder for him to move and climb over the mountains.The rocks in Get Over it are arranged precariously with objects scattered in the middle of the road, making the challenge more and more difficult to conquer. Originally released in October 2017 as a video game, this was a successful game played by millions all over the world.

This game is a freak, fun and humorous game that has an inhibited gameplay

If you do not have a wise move tactic, you may get stuck for several days. This game is like a hiking game but in new and difficult way.The gameplay is so unique and interesting that you have to climb through mountains and trees to overcome hurdles. Complete the game without any ad. He is locked up there, and his companions are none other than a cauldron and Yosemite hammer. If you like torturing yourself over and over again, then this might be the perfect fit for you.
Developed by Bennett Foddy, Getting Over It is a freak, fun and humorous game that has an inhibited gameplay. You will play as a character who is stuck in the pot. Controls are pretty big in size and can be use nicely. A single miss touch can lead you to the ground.Dragon City MOD APKChoices MOD APKBitlife ApKBus Simulator Ultimate Mod ApkIf you are feeling that the present life is idyllic and want to discover many other fascinating joys with the mountains, play Get Over It with Bennett Foddy. Finally, the game offers fun gameplay that makes players even more excited.
Only a few mistakes can cause you to fall off the cliff and have to climb back from the beginning. I also found the Android and iOS versions of this game.Interface is fully optimized and all the controls are fully responsive. Some objects can also ruin your progress as you climb in wrong direction. Your character is in the pot and you have to help him climb on mountains with the help of hammer. Players will feel ridiculous because of the awkward situations that appear to be locked in a jar and only the upper body sticking out.

The game is well-designed as it brings you real-world physics and outstanding graphics

It is rare that a game has the power to make a big impact and so fast. Innovative controls make the gameplay much better and easy. You can play this game for hours without getting bore. Do you imagine yourself becoming a woodcutter? Even more daring, the jagged rocks will make you go through it with a height of thousands of meters. But if you don’t want to do so, then it’s time to find other games.
Overcome the hurdles if you want to progress in game. It will take you hours to complete the challenges in this game. Enjoy the ad-free experience. This game is on an extremely frustrating level that players just can’t comprehend.Graphics and controls – Getting Over It is well-designed as it brings you real-world physics and outstanding graphics.
If you go in wrong direction, then you will have to start the level again until you make right move. Just one sigh from you can crash all gameplay. The lively sound is constantly resounding extremely realistic. Because of this, plenty of developers are making their crazy ideas come into life and people are loving it. It’s not so easy now, right?Getting Over It is an extremely hard but unique game that allows you to work your way up.

Players can play anywhere they want because no internet connection is required to play this game

You can easily download this game without any storage issue. At the beginning of the game, the player will think if he can pass this level to return to the universe. Because of the danger, players must use slow but steady tactics and, in dangerous situations, focus as much as possible. They attract a lot of people who are into something new. So, what makes this game so difficult you might ask.
You can play anywhere you want because no internet connection is required to play this game. Upon its release, the game received great success and was sought after by many people. They are important items for him to conquer those high mountains. However, if you don’t like it, you can turn it off when you don’t want to listen. Make no mistake, this isn’t your typical climbing game that you can finish in minutes. This means that you need to perfectly time your every move otherwise it’s back to square one.


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You have two choices, the first one click the download button, choose the version you wanted about Getting Over It mod apk. Allow Chrome to install unknown apps by going to Settings > Apps > Menu > Special access > Install unknown apps. Install a file manager (such as Cx File Explorer or File Manager) so that you can find the APK file after you download it to your phone. Download an APK file and open it to install it. The second one, download HappyMod app, then download and install Getting Over It mod apk with one click.

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No, HappyMod is developed for Android only, all the ios version of HappyMod on the internet are fake.