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How to slove the background downloading not working problem?

Background downloading is not working - Xiaomi
1. Go to your phone settings and look for Permissions, then tap on Autostart

"For Mi 4:
Go to Permissions (or Security) > Auto-start > Enable HappyMod"

2. Close battery optimization.
"For Mi 4i:
Go to Phone Settings:
Additional Settings
Manage apps battery usage
Choose apps > HappyMod
Custom and in Background Network, choose to stay connected."

"Alternative solution:
Phone settings
Permissions (or Security)
Allow all permissions.
After that, go to additional settings > battery > manage apps battery usage, by default its ""standard"" make sure to keep it off."

Background downloading is not working - Samsung
"Steps for Android 9 and above:
Open your phone settings
Device care
App power management
Apps that won't be put to sleep
Add HappyMod to this list"

Steps for Android version 6 to 8:
Open your phone settings
Tap on Battery
Tap on Details or Info > Find HappyMod > Turn off optimization.

Background downloading is not working - Huawei
Navigate to your phone settings
Apps & Notifications
Launch > Disable Manage automatically - see picture below

Background downloading is not working - VIVO
Allow HappyMod to continue running when in background
Please go to Apps Manager / i Manager
Open Excessive background battery usage
Turn off HappyMod

Allow Autostart
Please go to the Apps Manager / i Manager
Open AutoStart Manager
Click to enable HappyMod

Background downloading is not working - OnePlus
Navigate to your phone settings:
Battery optimization
Find HappyMod and choose "don't optimize".
1.) Battery

2.) Battery optimization

3.) HappyMod

Background downloading is not working - OPPO
For HappyMod to work properly, you need to enable “auto start” from your system security settings. Please follow these steps:
Phone Manager -> Privacy Permissions -> Startup Manager -> Enable HappyMod
Security Center -> Startup Manager -> Enable HappyMod


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