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Evil Hunter Tycoon Mod apk latest version free download

Evil Hunter Tycoon v1.371 Mod APK Remove ads Mod speed

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Name Evil Hunter Tycoon
Package Name com.superplanet.evilhunter
Pubisher Super Planet
Category Simulation
MOD feaures Remove ads Mod speed
Version 1.371
price FREE
Requires Android 5.1 (LOLLIPOP_MR1)

Evil Hunter Tycoon Mod apk latest version free download

General information

Stomp Stomp! Monsters are coming!
Will you help protect the town?

[Game Features]

Dark Lord has brought destruction to the world, and destroyed everything.
Survivors' desperate survival game begins now!

■ Become a Town Chief!!
Handle everything starting from Town construction to craft, sale, and training Hunters!

■ Gather Top Tank Hunters, and protect the town!
Hunters who visit town have 4 different Classes.
Their Class, Tier and characteristics are random!
You can invite Top Tier Hunters with items too!

■ Strong Hunters grow Town strong. Use the facilities of town to raise Hunters!
[Bounty Hut] Give Hunters quest to hunt monsters! Extra Exp AND items!
[Academy] Town Chief's Academy opened! Teach Hunters skill and secret technique!
[Enhancement Forge] Forge and modify Hunter's equipment!
[Training Ground] Level up Hunters quickly by training! Become stronger by reincarnation!
[Sanctuary of Resurrection] Grow infinitely by endless reincarnation! Learn special traits to make your Hunters more special!

■ Various contents outside of Town! Go Hunters!
[Dungeon] Travel dungeons for rare materials and treasures!
[Field Boss] Blow a horn!! Summon Boss and defeat it!
[Pvp] Battle other town's Hunters! Become the last one standing!

"The fate of humanity is in your hands!"

Evil Hunter Tycoon Mod apk latest version free download

Mod info

Mod V1.371 features

  • Speed Hack/No Ads

Mod V1.365 features

  • 1. GOD MODE
    2. MOD MENU

Mod V1.364 features

  • 1. GOD MODE
    3. MOD MENU

Mod V1.363 features

  • Menu/God/Speed

Mod V1.361 features

  • Menu/God/Speed

Mod V1.359 features

  • Menu/God/Speed

Mod V1.358 features

  • god mode
    move speed
    game speed

Mod V1.357 features

  • Menu/God/Speed

Mod V1.356 features

  • N/A

Mod V1.349 features

  • No

The Evil Hunter Tycoon is an RPG with a great storyline.

Even with the major challenges already overcome, you excel at handling the early stages. Quest 3 highlights the day when the army faces its inevitable triumph, but also demonstrates its power through quick and decisive victories against enemy forces. During this time, explore a thrilling adventure like no other with a unique gaming experience. When your hunters are low on certain stats, they automatically move to “N” rarity buildings. Because of this, it’s recommended that you always keep them full. Doing so will help you avoid wasting time hunting for low stat buildings.
When hunting as a Hunter, you have the option to choose your gender, appearance, weapon, costume and path. The talking quote is easy to read, short and lacks redundancy in its design. You can earn more money by selling items. This game features RPG elements and a compelling plot. It offers unique gameplay thanks to its focus on tapping objects instead of button presses.

Evil Hunter Tycoon Mod apk latest version free download

Killning monsters grants a lot of gold for leveling up.

A spy among your recently recruited soldiers wants to kill you. If you don’t take care of this matter in a minute, your efforts at establishing land will be destroyed by a puff of smoke. Your followers will turn on you and become enemies. The addition of Academy Uniform Costume makes the outfit more eye-catching and boosts its quality and quantity. I’ve learned so much about this incredible discovery! In Evil Hunter Tycoon, retro 8-bit style pixel art sets the game apart from other simulations. By leveling up and killing monsters, players gain a lot of gold. However, this game isn’t your typical video game; it has an interesting plot, cute graphics and an action-packed adventure that never ends. You’ll be hooked to it in no time. The game doesn’t require any special skill or understanding to play. There are also no confusing controls or calculations needed to be successful. Instead of having to learn advanced movement techniques in an FPS, players don’t even need to understand the game before playing it. This game features unique content not found in any other game. It features a dark plot and small Hunters who look like they just stepped out of a manga. When you notice them in the area, immediately recruit them. The controls are easy to understand; just don't dawdle.

Evil Hunter Tycoon Mod apk latest version free download

Performing well as town manager keeps your position viable.

Life doesn’t provide anything for free; it comes with terms and conditions. Download the Evil Hunter Tycoon game now and start fighting and building nonstop! The first round’s boss is also weak, but optional. This game involves managing a town as its leader. Find warriors and wizards to hunt exorcists in your town. The dark forces began to appear more diverse and look more sophisticated. The more personality the soldiers had, the more time management, training, and discipline took up. Additionally, new ways must be found to bring this genre back into popularity. Find rare materials and treasures in the dungeons you explore. Design your own town and add any features you want— or even place characters from other towns into your creation. The game always makes you love. It's even less. Always consider your desired functionality when creating a new card. Add as many S, H and L hunters to each deck as possible.

Evil Hunter Tycoon Mod apk latest version free download

The game features eight character classes.

Whenever you’re about to win a fight, someone stabs you from behind and pushes you aside. When you can’t confront your enemy alone, the only recourse is to assemble an army to fight. You find yourself in a small town and embark on an epic demon-hunting adventure. Make sure to check them out so you can recruit hunters who share your vision for your community. For idle gameplay, you should always have enough facilities to protect your town from monsters. These are the hunters who’ll keep your town safe from invading monsters. Make sure that they have easy access to these facilities so they can defend your town.
When alerting, be cautious and alert at all times. Constantly be aware and prepare for any possible situation or task. The game Evil Hunter Tycoon is set in a world that resembles the Brothers Grimm's Fairy Tale. It revolves around recruiting 33 unique hunter personalities to fight against dark lords. Each class has different skills and fighting styles, from soldiers to leaders.rising. Summon your army to get ready to fight.Evil Hunter Tycoon has 8 character classes, divided according to the strength and role of the Hunters.Currently, level 3 is also the most loved level that will be refreshed favorably on the new version this year. There are 4 different classes of hunters. That’s why you need to always make sure that your restaurant/inn/tavern/infirmary have enough stocks such as food, rooms, bandages and beverages.

Evil Hunter Tycoon is an RPG simulation game with 8-bit pixel style graphics

Just keep playing slowly. Evil Hunter Tycoon Mod APK is an RPG simulation game with 8-bit pixel style graphics to fill your nostalgic soul. Evil Hunter Tycoon is one such game because of how creative the developers were in making this game. Before you recruit them, it’s important to see first their characteristics. It’s your town so you get to decide how it looks and how the buildings are designed.
The unpredictability gives the player goosebumps but is immediately soothed by the sweet “charming scene” around and the characters’ cute appearance.Quest #1: Rebuild the destroyed town (by the super evil dictator and his army, of course).Once in a while, in a sea of newly-released games, there are some gems that you’ll find. You can also invite top tier hunters with items to protect your town from monsters. There are a lot to be collected in this game.
At this time, the broken screen sometimes shows a threatening but very tantalizing sentence, ‘Darkness Front Yard’.When we think of simulation games nowadays, we tend to think of zombies or the Sims. Having said that, here are the features of Evil Hunter Tycoon:Pixel Graphics – When we see pixel graphics on a new game nowadays, we automatically associate it with either crappy graphics or old-school. Plus, this isn’t an FPS game so it’s well-made..

Don’t piss off those who are desperate to survive

Not so much, but in return, it forces you to go through a long, arduous road ahead with a series of quests that sounded exciting, but you will also exhausted.. It’s right in front of you. But even if the graphics are in pixel, you can still clearly see the details on every object in the game. In this game, there are 33 unique hunter personalities you’ll come across. To help you with this, here are some tips for playing Evil Hunter Tycoon:Recruit only the top-tier hunters – In this game, you’ll invest a lot of resources and time into raising your hunters.
In the game, you will play as one of the Hunters chosen from the beginning.Quest # 2: Train a group of powerful hunters.One of the great points of Evil Hunter Tycoon is the interface.Simulation games are the norm nowadays. Recruit and raise them.Train Hunters – As your hunters will be the ones in charge of protecting your town, you need to train them to be stronger.
Good luck.Thanks to the commands, this concise line, the game’s guidelines are given very seamlessly, so the war is also somewhat easier. Actually, the fight is easy, but the final boss is hard to defeat.And to conclude, once again, I would like to emphasize Evil Hunter Tycoon’s powerful message is the sentence “Don’t piss off those who are desperate to survive”. More and more games are coming out in this genre such as Last Day on Earth: Survival and more.Want to play Evil Hunter Tycoon but want to level up fast? Download the unlimited money mod now and get high-tier hunters and unlimited gold.


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You have two choices, the first one click the download button, choose the version you wanted about Evil Hunter Tycoon mod apk. Allow Chrome to install unknown apps by going to Settings > Apps > Menu > Special access > Install unknown apps. Install a file manager (such as Cx File Explorer or File Manager) so that you can find the APK file after you download it to your phone. Download an APK file and open it to install it. The second one, download HappyMod app, then download and install Evil Hunter Tycoon mod apk with one click.

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No, HappyMod is developed for Android only, all the ios version of HappyMod on the internet are fake.