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Xtreme Motorbikes Mod apk latest version free download

Xtreme Motorbikes v1.5 Mod APK Unlimited money

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App Info

Name Xtreme Motorbikes
Package Name com.mehdirabiee.XtremeMotorbikes
Pubisher Mehdirabiee
Category Racing
MOD feaures Unlimited money
Version 1.5
price FREE
Requires Android 4.4W (KITKAT_WATCH)

Xtreme Motorbikes Mod apk latest version free download

General information

The xtreme motorbikes gives you a real feeling of riding and performing free style
this game brings awesome bike physics with beautifully free style city,
The xtreme motorbikes free style experience in the most realistic simulator motorbike game around. If you like motorbike games try it.
Smooth controls, realistic motorbike physics.
Test your real freestyle skills.

Main Features:

- Realistic physics, simulating every aspect of motorbike behavior
- Drive more than 20 powerful and exciting, highly detailed sport motorbikes
- Customize your motorbikes with exclusive paint jobs and rims
- Realistic engine sounds
- Turbocharger, gearbox and tires sounds
- Realistic 3D graphics
- Drift slow motion
- Change your rider and passenger

Game Support:
Are you having any problems? Contact us on: 3dpowermax@gmail.com

Xtreme Motorbikes Mod apk latest version free download

Mod info

Mod V1.5 features

  • Use enough gold coins without reducing

Mod V1.3 features

  • : Modify entering the game to get infinite money, remove video ads for mandatory playback.

In Xtreme Motorbikes, a lot of motorcycles can be unlocked.

In the game, owning motor racing cars gives you a new feeling when racing in the game. Motorcycles are the second most popular form of transportation; they’re noticeably more popular than cars. By playing with different cars in your garage, you can create many options for races. In order to bike fast in a city without breaking the law, you need to ride on the highway. Xtreme Motorbikes allows you to unlock many motorcycles andcars. It has many new things, including new mechanics and physics. If your car needs maintenance or repairs, it means it’s overworked. And when this happens, you need to get it serviced and repaired. That’s because Xtreme Motorbikes is a racing simulator with realistic motorcycle physics. You can easily slip through congested traffic lanes and get to your destination faster than usual. Playing this game without the pressure of competition allows you to fine-tune your motorcycling abilities. You can play whenever you like—even when you’re not occupied—to develop your own skills. This game accurately replicates the life-sized races of every type of vehicle. You control each race, performing each maneuver realistically. This game also provides you with all the tools you need to design and build your own racer. Complete unique events around the city and earn great rewards. Beat a series of opponents with special skills to win the game. Participating in Xtreme Motorbikes allows players to customize their vehicles; they’re also easy to drive and powerful enough to rival supercars. Change the look of your car by replacing different parts like tires and body panels. Switch between different colors, or choose a new style with new rims and other components. Doing so will earn you points during the race.

Xtreme Motorbikes Mod apk latest version free download

Playing Xtreme Motorbikes requires you to perform stunts.

You earn money after performing stunts with motorbikes that come with a variety of styles. You can use this money to unlock new cars; it also represents your abilities and personality in the game. Each motorcycle has its own style and stunt that earn you money. There are a wide variety of bicycles to choose from; you can ride them through every level. Also, you can swap riders and even passengers. To change forms, you need to use motors of different levels of complexity. If you believe cars are the only shape-shifting vehicles, you're mistaken. High uphill grades may feature obstacles. This game allows the player to freely explore the city as they please. They can also showcase their racing skills by overcoming obstacles in the game. This game provides the necessary conditions for performing authentic athletic performances. Additionally, it gives players the ability to freely slow down when encountering obstacles. Another interesting aspect of this game is that players can pick where they want to go. Because there are few cars on the road, there is very little traffic when playing this game.
This game provides a wide range of options that are unavailable in other games. This is because players are free to roam around and perform any act they desire without any restrictions. The game's images are based on real-life archetypes. This gives the game a more realistic feel and gives players access to different locations and events. The game boasts impressive graphics and controls, making it as accurate as possible. Over 500,000 people have already played Xtreme Motorbikes— which features open world bike rides— making it one of the most popular games in its genre. Motorcycles look dangerous to ride, but they're extremely fun for fans who're confident on their own. You can customize bikes with exclusive paint and different rims. Additionally, you can complete events with unique themes each time you play.

Xtreme Motorbikes Mod apk latest version free download

Develop legend cases from your studies.

Make money by making your performances beautiful. Change old materials into new customizations for your motorcycle. Add adventure to its journey by changing every part of it. People around the world often ride motorcycles as their primary means of transportation. This is because many people enjoy creativity in their operations; they don’t have to worry about traffic while riding. Plus, they can purchase motorcycles from the store with their money. Automobiles are essential to world-class acrobatics. No matter how much effort you put into your performance, your efforts will be in vain without a high-quality motor. Register today for our motorbike racing game and prove to people that you can really race. By using the in-game controls, you can customize how you swerve and change lanes on the wide highways. Finishing the Xtreme Motorbikes app lets you earn money without boundaries. Plus, you can use it without limits as a driver.

Xtreme Motorbikes Mod apk latest version free download

Which engines can be used on vehicles changes with each play session.

These buttons work together to form a unique combination. It gives the impression that you’re performing an action.amazing things on your own.
– Customize the driver and passengers as you go about your exciting races. The engine sounds are realistic and so is the graphics. They are fast, loud and so cool to see.Similar racing games: Asphalt 8 Mod and Beach Buggy 2 Mod APK.
Money increases when spentThe motor show is only for those who are really professional and have a lot of experience? Not at all. Xtreme Motorbikes mod will be the place where you show your bravery freely. All motorcycles in the game are sports cars full of personality and power.More specifically, when participating in Xtreme Motorbikes, players can change the engine types of the vehicle. They each have different horsepower, engine, style, brand and awesomeness to them.
At first glance, it won’t have anything to do with performance technique, but when you start doing it, it’s completely different. From the construction site, the city center to the square is all interesting training grounds. Where players can choose the best motorcycles and drive them on unique tracks, show off your freestyle with super skills on your motorcycle. Not only that, you can rely on the money collected during racing to upgrade your motorcycle to a new level. You can even change your rider and passenger if you like. But you need to be careful as well as there are cops here too.

The game is an open-world racing game for players

You are encouraged to do it as much as possible to get extra income. More specifically, this companion of yours has the same style as yours. Players can replace that motorcycle with a new “shirt” with high-quality paint, and through that, you can also choose your favorite color without changing any engine. They can get you faster to your destination and they allow you to enjoy the breeze. In fact, there are more than 20 in existence that you can use.
Can you do this with your own efforts?Xtreme Motorbikes is an open-world racing game for players.To become a genius, we need to start with the most basic things. Use it as a tool to make beautiful performances. The right side will have front brake buttons, rear brakes, tire heating, and throttle. You can do whatever you want. And there are a lot of ramps scattered around the city that allows you to do insane tricks.
You will be a newbie and be provided with a motor of your own. Each car also carries a special design of its own. Exciting things are waiting for you in the next step. Use your motor and start exploring every corner of this city. There are different realistic sounds that the game gives out for the players to enjoy.Want to experience an open-world motorbike game? Download Xtreme Motorbikes now and impress everyone.
You can also do it by going to Xtreme Motorbikes. The more expensive it is, the greater the effect it brings to the owner.This is arguably the most realistic racing simulator you can experience.
– The variety of vehicles you can drive and the number of up to 20 different cars, all of which are unique and powerful racing cars. Race in different terrains and with different challenges.There are many motorbikes on the road all the time.

Xtreme Motorbikes allows anyone to ride motorcycles as much as they want

In addition, the player can change some operations in the movement or change a few elements on the car, such as turbocharging or customizing the gearbox. If you’re looking for the perfect motorcycle game, download Xtreme Motorbikes today. But if you’d love to race using one but you don’t want to bear the risks of doing it in the real world, why not play Xtreme Motorbikes instead?This game allows anyone to ride motorcycles as much as they want.Drive around the city – Motorcycles are always on the road no matter the country you’re in. Evade them and go to your events.
With your hard work, you can quickly accumulate a large amount of money.Going alone is a bit boring and no one to have fun with and witness your talent, right? Then let’s put one more character in your side seat right away. This is a mechanism that seems quite simple, but if you consider the uniqueness, it is not low.
– Changing motorcycle equipment, from putting on a fresh coat of paint to changing engines like rims. They’re a quick mode of transport and they can be fast as well.
But some of the seats have been customized to be great stages.Speed ​​games have never been hot, and now we will bring you a new breath of today’s top racing game – Xtreme Motorbikes.It is truly amazing to be able to control a sports racing car and swerve through the city streets. Overall, you’ll enjoy a realistic gaming experience with bikes in this game. Unlock your favorites by completing different events throughout the city and getting money.Customize your bikes – One of the joys of owning a motorcycle is customizing it.
It can be street players with cool style, athletes performing, or even policemen.The city you live in is like any other ordinary and simple city. It’s all up to you, from changing the driver to changing the passengers behind. There are more than 20 powerful ones you can unlock in the game. From the engine sounds to the tire sounds – you can enjoy a whole new experience.


How to install Xtreme Motorbikes Mod apk

You have two choices, the first one click the download button, choose the version you wanted about Xtreme Motorbikes mod apk. Allow Chrome to install unknown apps by going to Settings > Apps > Menu > Special access > Install unknown apps. Install a file manager (such as Cx File Explorer or File Manager) so that you can find the APK file after you download it to your phone. Download an APK file and open it to install it. The second one, download HappyMod app, then download and install Xtreme Motorbikes mod apk with one click.

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Can I download mod apk on iOS?

No, HappyMod is developed for Android only, all the ios version of HappyMod on the internet are fake.